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from CITR Discorder... They write great songs with infectious hooks, as tunes like "People in Moose Jaw" and "This Old House", from their new three-song demo, attest.

from the Vancouver Province... It's a Vancouver-based acoustic trio whose quirky approach is delightful, when it works. They can't be accused of not taking chances but some of the songs, like the drawn out "I am a Book", meander in search of a strong point. "Twilight Zone", with its Kevin Costner movies and chocolate ice cream references, has a real fragility and "People in Moose Jaw" is a great little heartache tune. Production is spare -- which suits the group -- and whoever's playing the up-front guitar is really good. The best thing here, hands down, is "Dinosaurs", their wonderful poke at the boomers and their music.

from the Vancouver Courier... Real, Real Gone is a collection of 12 folk songs with catchy guitar hooks and some nice vocals by Gail and Karl Hourigan. The songwriting ranges from competent to very good, with some songs outstanding: "People in Moose Jaw", "This Old House" and "It's Crazy" are the ones I remember after a couple of listens, due mainly to Gail Hourigan's vocals: in "Moose Jaw", it's the lyrical sentiment ("It's not fair that people in Moose Jaw are closer to you than me.") The band's strengths lie in its melodies, vocals, and the occassional lyrical hook.

Review from dropd magazine, linked here! Includes Audio clip

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