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Helen Gone is a Canadian duo/trio/quartet/etc, performing original music they call "Canadian rubber soul".

It has also been reviewed as folk, roots, and pop music.

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"Helen Gone is a great debut album and I look forward to the next one..." Randy Bachman
"This is a highly impressive independent album..." Greg Torrington

Three albums so far with a fourth on the way. #1 "Get Lost", #2 "Real, Real Gone" .... and #3 "Happy Enough",

So here's an Introduction...

On any given day, helen gone is at least two people, though there have been reported sightings over the years of up to four people at once coming together under the aforesaid moniker to conjoin in raising a peculiar ruckus that might best be described as Canadian rubber soul. They were granted 15 seconds of national fame when goner Gail was interviewed by some old guy on MuchWest after the band had placed a track on the CFMI Homegrown IV compilation CD.

The band was set to take the next steps when nasty thieves detoured the band's upward mobility by stealing their guitars, demo tapes, tape recorder, and de rigeur leather jackets. Daunted, the band responded by giving up and seeking spiritual enlightenment and freedom from material desires. This translated into a trip to Winnipeg, which helped somewhat, but on returning to Vancouver the explosion of Starbucks outlets lured the band into a hopeless physical addiction in an ever-widening circle of coffee consumption. Soon all their friends were hooked as well, but as goner Karl said "We may not be bigger than Jesus, but I'll have another mocha, thanks."

Since every electric guitar Gail had ever owned had been stolen at one time or another, she eventually took this as divine intervention suggesting politely but insistently that maybe she should buy an acoustic guitar instead. So she did, and so did Karl, and goner Stu showed up with an upright bass and thus was helen gone reborn as an amplified acoustic trio/quartet. And when new goner Kevin recently showed up wearing a tres bohemian leather beret and sporting a pair of bongos, he was submitted to the gruelling helen gone initiation rites, which include making lattes for everyone and naming all the characters on Red Dwarf. Having passed the audition he was immediately whisked off to the next helen gone engagement .

They play original tunes and their own inspired versions of classics by the likes of Graham Parker, David Byrne, Elvis Costello, and George Harrison, to name-drop a few.

Their future ambitions are to play lots, record lots, have a helluva good time, sell some CD's, and drink good coffee.

Helen Gone

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